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Nurturing Life Center Continue Education Program

What to expect:

Our unique class, with more than 10 hours of hands on practicum, is taught by oriental medicine physician and holistic pain management physician. Your certificate will be issue by our physicians.

In this 3 days class you will learn the following:

  1. Become an expert in cupping or reverse pressure manual therapy.

  2. Acquire knowledge about cupping technique and its benefits from the traditional medicine perspective to the modern neuro-anatomy approach for pain management. Learn about Cupping side effect and proper patient screening and sanitation.

  3. Future of cupping for massage therapist and marketing tools

  4. The class is limited to 8 students only

Class Outline

Cupping History traditional and contemporary approaches. cupping, a modern holistic pain care approach. Chinese meridians points and channels. Equipment. Marma points and Ayurveda.Cupping Benefits and Applications. Cupping Safety and Patient Screening, Side effects and Sanitation. Fire Cupping & Flash Cupping– including the Russian Massage and Chinese Cupping method. Anatomy of Myofascia System. Anatomy of Trigger Points. Role of cupping in musculoskeletal injury and pain management. Human Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems. Cupping Applications for Pain Management. Cupping and foot reflexology Protocol. Weight Loss and cupping Abdominals and Cupping the Belly. Marketing and scope of practice, consent form for manual therapy. Cupping and Aesthetics. Facial Cupping for anti-aging. Hydrotherapy and cupping. Belly Cupping. Neck, Shoulders, Extremities and Chest cupping. Sinus & TMJ Release. Facial Rejuvenation Cupping. Cupping and Menstrual Pain.

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